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Production Training Center

  1. A) Fibre Manufacturing Units






There are about 174 units at the installed capacity of 55,950 Tons per annum. Out of which 127 units are working with the installed capacity of 42,000 MT per annum producing 23,523 MT of fibre.




Low capacity utilization due to frequent interruption of power supply since majority of the units are located in rural areas are getting the power supply from the rural feeder.




Due to mite disease the size of the husk is also reduced thereby the fibre content is also effected. Coir Industry in Karnataka provides major employment to rural economically weaker sections of the society and prevents migration to cities.




  1. B) Yarn Sector








   There are 164 units producing about 4,397 MT of Coir yarn mainly operating on traditional ratts.




  1. C) Rope Making Sector








   There are 27 units producing about 850 Tons of rope for domestic sales.




  1. D) Mat and Matting Sector








   There are 97 Mat and matting manufacturing units with the installed capacity of 13,055 MT per




   These units produce 2,001 MT of  mat and mattings and most of these units are in the


   organized sector like Coir Corporation and Coir   Federation.




  1. E) Curled Coir Sector








   There are 56 curling units with the installed capacity of 12,130 MT per annum by producing 6,690


    Tons of curled coir and majority of these units are located in Tumkur District.






  1. F) Rubberized Coir Sector








    The National level reputed firms like Kurlon, Restolex, Bedsy and Duroflex are the main market


    players in the state. Presently There are five manufacturers of mattresses operating in Karnataka,


    leaving majority of level plying field for lot more units to come up.






  1. G) Innovative Initiatives








     Coir Composite – Substitute for plywood




     Coir Non oven products and gift articles




     Coir pith industry – Composting for Agriculture & Horticulture usage as organic fertilizer.








      There is lot of potential for defibring units, yarn, rope, mat, matting and mattresses units to


      come up, to tap unutilized husk potential of about 81% in the state.








      >>     Karnataka has long coastal lines and good climate conditions for coconut plantation for


                 better yield.


      >>       State is well connected by road, rail, air and Government incentives supporting the


                             activities and training facilities for skilldevelopment in government sector.


                   >>        There is lot of scope for rubberized coir products which indirectly benefits lot of


     curled coir units for maximum capacity utilization and also large number of


     employment potential.







                 The Coir Industry is new to the State. The required skilled artisans were not available


                 in the State. Only during the last decade training is being imparted extensively in


                 product manufacturing. In the initial years from 1985 to 1991 the Corporation has


                 trained only 1,500 persons in the Training and Production Centers.



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